Sunday, February 28, 2010

A time for you!

Well it has certainly been a little longer than the anticipated 1 week between blogs! Many things have been happening on the home front and the work front, but not too much on the social front! This is not a good thing because as women, we need other women around!

From primitive times women have formed communities. We have an inborn desire to group together and share the load of physical work and child care. It has only been since the industrial and technological eras that women have disbanded this natural need and want for community. However, I feel there is change in the air.

In my local area, I often see large communities of women at parks, play centres and swimming pools. Even I seek out my 'community' every Friday (obviously not so frequently lately!). It is a time to enjoy being with others who share similar situations, to express emotion without being judged and to gain insightful tips and tricks from those who have done it before! Why would we not want to be part of such a fabulous gathering?

In my last blog I asked you all to have a think about a vision for your life. In other words, "Who would you be if you were at your best?" Or to put it differently again "What would your life look like if YOU were at your best?" Now, being a Wellness Specialist, I work on these issues personally and professionally regularly, however even I have neglected one part of my vision for my best life. It is that of spending time and connecting with MY community. It is something I have sub consciously let slip and have noticeably missed, particularly the last few weeks. It is something that I have valued but I didn't realise how much until it was actually missing from my life.

This kind of thing can happen in all areas of our lives, particularly with our wellness. We get so consumed with 'surviving' by making sure everything is done and everyone is happy that we forget we are supposed to be 'living' as well. We forget about the things that used to be in our lives and gave us fulfillment. We then get angry, upset, even depressed and wonder why we don't do these things any more.

Well gorgeous gals the time is nigh! Start to put together your vision for your best life EVER. Write it down this time and include on it all of the wonderful things that you used to do and want to do that give you fulfillment. Even give it a date, say 5 years from now. You could start is by saying "My wellness vision for 2015 is...." Then write down all the wonderful things you will be doing for yourself and in your life by that time.

The next question you need to ask yourself is "How big is the gap between where you are now and where you want to be?" Sometimes asking this question may open a can of worms and the vision may seem insurmountable, however don't despair!! We will get there. With the support of YOUR community, it's amazing the things you can achieve!

Until next post.....!

EMIT your life!


  1. That was inspiring! I loved this part: "We get so consumed with 'surviving' by making sure everything is done and everyone is happy that we forget we are supposed to be 'living' as well.". I see each day as a battle - I just have to tick off my list of things that have to get done before I can sleep and start again. I don't really do much for "fun" anymore. Sounds sad, but true!

  2. Thanks Kase! I wonder what your life would be like if you scheduled in more "fun" time?!! It gets exhausting being in 'battle' mode all the time, not to mention seriously taxing to our health. Let me know how you go scheduling in more fun time....could be the start of something great!