Sunday, March 7, 2010

Bridging the Gap

So just how big is the gap between where you want your life to be and where it is at this moment?

Small? Large? Humongous?! If it is that's ok! No need to freak out! When first asked that question it often evokes a sense of helplessness as we have an immediate inclination to jump to the HOW of the question. HOW are we going to bridge that gap when it seems so huge?!! So before we jump on the HOW bandwagon lets take a few steps back and focus on WHY we want to bridge the gap in the first place.

So, WHY do you want this vision? WHY do you want to change the way you are living at the moment? In my Wellness Coaching practice this kind of question is really powerful and what I like to call a great 'revealer'. It highlights our values and what we are passionate about in life. As soon as we have identified your values, it makes the path to success (yes you will succeed!!) so much easier as we are aligning everything with these values. A very powerful motivator!

Part of my wellness vision is to have a strong relationship with Jimmy based on communication, love, laughter, respect, belief and integrity (I don't ask for much do I?!!). WHY do I want that? Because communication, love, laughter, respect, belief and integrity are some of my key values in life. Not forgetting the importance of role modeling to my children. I really believe it is important for them to be constantly exposed to and part of a relationship based on these values.

When I read this part of my vision each day it stirs up a lot of different emotions. Excitement, fear, nervousness and courage....kind of all mixed in together. I get excited as I know it is possible, I get fearful of potentially failing, I get nervous as I know there is a bit of work involved but I also feel courageous as I know deep down that we CAN do it and create an extraordinary relationship!

So I encourage you all to figure out the WHY. Why do you want it? Once we have that, the first stones in your path to wellness success have been laid!

EMIT your life!!
Rhiannon xx

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