Saturday, April 24, 2010

What's really important?

Wow time gets away doesn't it?! Yet again I have managed to let the blogging slip, not something that I am proud of, but need to admit to. Funny how it is not only the blogging that has slipped through the cracks in my life at the moment.

Over the past few weeks I have been consistently making mistakes and forgetting things. Why? Because I am a 'yes' person and over committed. Very plain and simple isn't it? And definately not something to be proud of.

Normally this lack of attention to detail and forgetfulness is something that would bother me quite a lot. Not to say that it doesn't, as it does, but just not as much as it used to.

Why? Because I am responsible for the decisions in my life. I have the power, the right, the ability and the option to simply say 'No' to any additional projects or commitments and invest time in the really 'important' things in life.

How easy is it for us to say "Sure, I can do that!" and start bargaining or negotitating with ourselves to figure out a way to do whatever it is we have just committed to? And what is it that gets neglected in this process? Well the 'important' things in life of course....for me that includes family, health, stress levels and overall wellbeing. Now how important are they in the grand scheme of things?!

So how do we put a stop to this cycle? We start practising that dreaded word. The word that all 1 year olds pick up so quickly. Two simple letters N-O. We then acknowledge that we can't do everything and that priorities need to be set. These priorities need to focus on the 'important' things first, rather than the urgent tasks. If we focus on the important things first then the other 'urgent' stuff will come. If we invest in ourselves, our families, our health and wellbeing first and foremost then we will be much better prepared to deal with the more 'urgent' tasks in our lives.

Don't know about you but I need to get prioritising! And NO.....I can't help you with yours!

emit your life!