Friday, September 24, 2010

Spring clean your health

After one of the coldest winters for many years we can all rejoice that spring has finally arrived!  It’s time to peel off those layers, venture outside and play in the sunshine. 

We often spend this time spring cleaning our houses, emptying the cupboards and getting rid of the clutter we no longer need.  Spring is also the perfect time to spring clean our health and begin new and healthy habits.  Follow these 5 quick tips for a healthier you this spring!
  • Revise your menu plans and bring them up to date with the range of fresh new spring produce hitting the shops now.
  • Now that winter is over, we can pack away the slow cooker and casserole dishes.  It is time to move on from high carbohydrate, heavy comforting winter meals.
  • Bring out the wok and experiment with different vegetables and herbs to make tasty and healthy stir fry's.
  • Have at least one salad a day, either at lunch or dinner.  Try some different lettuce leaves and add the usual suspects like tomato and cucumber but then mix it up a bit with some legumes and roasted vegetables.
  • Increase your water intake as the days get warmer.
Not only will these tips help you feel fantastic for spring, they will help you to provide your body with exactly what it needs for a healthier, more vibrant you!

Michelle Skidmore
Food Therapy
0413 378 250

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