Thursday, July 1, 2010

It's never too late.....

Just under 2 weeks ago, some of the Peninsula Prima Donna's team participated in the Central Coast Bay to Bay fun run.  Although not quite the City to Surf, the track is 12 km and attracts competitors of all ages.

It was the very first running event for the Peninsula Prima Donna's so nerves were pumping.  The nerves weren't the only thing pumping....we had to keep moving as it was a tad cold that morning!

As the starting gun went off, the 'herd' of runners headed off across Spike Milligan Bridge.  What an amazing site!  There were young runners, middle aged runners, mums with prams and dads with prams.  People with dogs and people just out for a bit of a walk.  Some participants had been training for months and others whose training involved walking to the starting line!

As the race continued, I was consistently amazed at the number of 'older' runners out there, men and women.  The runners that fit in the 60 plus age group, even the 70 plus age group.  These people are an absolute inspiration to me.  One lady in particular was doing her 'soft shoe shuffle' all the way.  Her pace was consistent and she was over taking some of the younger runners who had gone out too early and run out of steam.  I felt compelled to tell this lovely lady what an 'inspiration' she was.  I told her that I hope I am doing the exact same thing when I am her age.  You know what she said?  "It is comments like that that make doing something like this so worthwhile." Wow.  I still get goose bumps when I think about it.

The Peninsula Prima Donna's finished in 85 minutes, well under the target of 90 minutes.  An absolutely awesome effort.  Many of the older runners came through not long after us, some before and many were simply happy to finish.  What an achievement for all!

I have recently had the privilege of working with a lot of clients in their 'golden years'.  They are consistently a source of inspiration to me as they have readily embraced the idea that it really is NEVER too late to invest in your health.  Whether it be exercise, nutrition or general lifestyle changes they have all been willing to 'give it a go'.

So for all of you out there who think you are 'past it' and that there is no hope for you to get your health back....think about the lovely 'soft shoe shuffle' lady and what she achieved at over 70 years of age.  Such an inspiration!

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